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  • Gheorghe
    I learned about the Hondrogel gel when I first twisted my legs. I had a dislocation of the joint, it took a long time to recover. Oh, and I'm tired of that. He gave a lot of money for ointments and procedures. From what I bought, only Hondrogel helped me significantly. The swelling removed and removed the pain. The joint gradually recovers thanks to this effective remedy.
  • Bianca
    For low back pain I use Hondrogel. I tried so many things that I couldn't find anything better. Relieves pain, a few applications are enough to really improve the condition. My bag is enough for one application. I use the product in the morning and before bed. There is no unpleasant smell from the gel.
  • Ileana
    I am very lucky that my mother recommended Hondrogel. I have had muscle pain, I have never experienced such a condition before, but my mother regularly uses medication for joint and muscle pain. She said that in my case Hondrogel will help in 2-3 days. It turned out to be true! Three days later I returned to the ranks. I advise!
  • Maria
    When choosing a drug to treat joints, I first looked at its composition. I liked Hondrogel right away - it contains both hyaluronic acid and collagen. The other ingredients are natural, I still don't know if they are useful. But collagen, hyaluronic acid and shark oil are what even healthy people need joints.
  • Nicolae
    I have known about the drug Hondrogel for a long time, I took care of it before the onset of winter. I waited for a discount on the gel. During the cold season my joints often hurt, I have to use ointments. The gel helps me get rid of the pain, and the massage I do when I apply it improves the mobility of the joint. Good tool and cheap.
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